Two Weeks Left to Nominate High School Seniors for Scholarships

Every school has at least one ExtraordinAIRy Treasure to our future

Do you know me?
During my freshman and sophomore years, I just didn’t understand the importance of education and doing my best in school. I was more interested in hanging out with friends and playing video games. Well, my junior year I came to my senses and really started to work hard at school. I really excelled and got nothing lower than a “B” during my junior and senior years! Guess what. I had already sealed my fate when it comes to scholarships by sinking my GPA when I was a freshman and sophomore.

Do you know me?
I’m really shy and quiet, I don’t do a lot with the in-crowd, and I don’t do so great with grades. I’ve got a lot of friends though, and they all seem to come to me when they need to talk about something that’s wrong. I really seem to be able to help people when they’re having problems. I think that being a social worker would be a great thing for me to do, but I really could use some financial help. But I’m just not made of that stuff it takes to get scholarships… grades or athletics.

Do you know me?
I am not a good student in traditional high school classes, but I am a great student at my Career Center. I just don’t get things when I read them. I really struggle with academics. But if you need your car worked on, my instructor says that I’m one of the best students he’s had. I feel good about my mechanical skills and want to become a certified automotive technician. I really could use some help to continue my education as an automotive technician. But there don’t seem to be any scholarships out there for students like me.

Do you know me?
I’ve done very well in school; I am a hard worker; I do a lot for my community; I’m involved in sports; and I’m going to graduate in the top 10% of my class. But I think probably the top 2% of the class will walk away with the scholarships. I really could use some financial help.

Nominations from…
Arsenal Technical, Avon, Ben Davis, Bishop Chatard, Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory, Cardinal Ritter, Carmel,Cathedral, Fishers, Franklin Central, Greenwood Community, Hamilton Southeastern, Heritage Christian, Indian Creek, Lawrence North, Lebanon, McKenzie Center for Innovation and Technology, Mooresville, Mt. Vernon, New Palestine, Noblesville, Pacers Academy, Pendleton Heights, Pike, Roncalli, Shelbyville, Southport, Southwestern, Speedway, Whiteland, Zionsville

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